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Contributor: Jennifer Rick, Washington, USA  




Have you ever thought about trying out something else apart from laying around on the beach and soaking up the sun? Have you heard of the word Adventure?  This word is the difference between a boring seaside vacation in Miami and a mind-blowing bike trip through the countryside of Van Gogh.

If you choose adventure over leisure, here are top three places you could visit for a great time. You are promised to have so much to see and tell after visiting these places.

Galapagos Islands à la Ecocruise

Do you want to see some flamingos, sea lions, dolphins, penguins, iguanas, reef sharks, whales, sea turtles in the sultry blaze of the equator? The Galapagos Islands a La Ecocruise is the best place to be. The Island is located at Ecuador in about 600 miles off the coast. All the five Islands of the archipelago are covered with beaches and bays, forests, lava fields and saltwater lagoons. You are going to find rare animals and plenty marine life in these Islands that you have not seen in your entire lifetime.

Sicily and the Aeolian Islands

If you love hiking, then you are bound to have a good time in the seven little Islands of north Sicily. This place features the most picturesque views and is flooded with tourists’ year in year out. One of the Islands, Alicudi is usually covered by pink heather in the spring, with the western part uninhabited. Steep cliffs drop into the blue waters underneath it. The eastern parts are filled with little villages and covered in green ferns. You can hike or even bike through these islands exploring the beautiful scenery and natural atmosphere.

East Africa

The best place for a safari is the Eastern part of Africa. This region is known as one of the few remaining strongholds of elephants, lions, and gorillas. There are plenty national parks where these great animals can move around freely. Countries like Zambia, Kenya, and Tanzania are the best places for viewing wildlife. These countries have mild climates, great nightlife and comfortable accommodation for tourists. So grab your camera, your briefcase and plenty of films because you have an inexhaustible list of stories and images once you are done here.

Don’t just travel for leisure, get your map and visit these places. You are going to be glad you did at the end of each trip.


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