My trip to Barcelona, Spain!

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Contributor: Ines Baricic, Croatia 

If you still have not visited Gaudi’s vivid city, let me tell you a few things about it that will instantly make you go buy that airplane ticket… in one direction! Beautiful landscapes, stunning architecture, breathtaking viewpoints, rich history, delicious food, warm weather and warm people… Barcelona’s got it all! This cosmopolitan jewel situated on the beautiful coast of Mediterranean Sea is a perfect mixture of Gothic and Modernism which will surely take your breath away as soon as you set foot on its ground, as did mine. The first thing I would say about some city to someone who has never been there would be the suggestions of the sights I loved the most. The thing with Barcelona is that, you’re IN it. Every street tells a story, behind every corner you see something that just makes you say wow!

This is a place that doesn’t need where to go, what to see suggestions… The best suggestion you’ll hear about Barcelona is simply go. Go walk through its beautiful colored alleys and just wait and see what’s waiting behind the corner. It could be a giant gothic cathedral, a vivid park filled with palm trees and all kinds of plants, or a building built by an insanely imaginative designer. Maybe some Arc de triomphe jumps out of nowhere!


That being said, here are some suggestions on where to go and what to see in Barcelona, because, let’s be real, there still are places you don’t want to miss!




Guell park – if you ask me this is one of the prettiest parks in Barcelona. It’s dedicated to their famous designer Antoni Gaudi and reflects on his artistic values. You will see his signature all over the city, but Casa Mila and Casa Batlo are definitely worth a visit. You also may run into them while walking through the city center. Trust me, you’ll know if you see them.

Sagrada Familia - its spectacular majesty is a must see. Gaudi’s gothic masterpiece is being constructed since 1882 and has not been finished until today. When asked about the long construction of the roman catholic minor basilica, Gaudi simply replied my client is not in a hurry. Such a witty guy.

La Rambla – the famous boulevard in Barcelona popular amongst the tourists. Take a walk through this 1.2 km long vibrant promenade and visit la Boqueria – their known market where you can find fresh fruit vegetables, seafood and many other delicious meals. I particularly enjoyed the tastiest kinds of chocolate.

Montjuïc Magic fountains – although many cities have similar performances, I would still recommend this show to anyone. I went to see it my last night in Barcelona and it kind of sealed the whole sensation.

Bunkers del Carmel – the best view in the whole city. The panorama seen from up there will make the climbing worth it. Friendly tip – bring water.

Paella – okay, this is not a place, but you better not leave Barcelona without trying their traditional cuisine! It’s sooo delicious! Paella, tapas, gazpacho, enchilada…








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