Staying in a Budget while Traveling Solo

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Contributor: Anu Vats, New Delhi, India  


Travelling solo is a lot of fun. It gives you a kind of freedom that you rarely get while travelling in groups. I am not against such kinds of expeditions, but going solo is just something totally different. The best part about travelling alone is that you travel without any constraint that a group travel is bound to impose on you. Apart from that, it develops you as a sensitive and aware human being who leads a life exactly how he/she is supposed to.

However, solo travel comes with its own set of downsides, one of which is a challenge to stay in a budget. Finance is not as big an issue while travelling in a group as there is considerable cost-splitting and huge discounts, the benefit of which is not available for solo travellers.

In this post, I will share some such ways that can help you stay in a budget while exploring exactly how it is wished for.


  1. Know-it-all

            Before starting your travel journey, do a thorough research. Where to go, how to reach, where to stay, eating options and almost anything you can think of. When in scarcity of information, ask your accommodation’s staff; they are the best guides, sometimes better than the web. This helps you save time and money both.


  1. Transport

            Use public transport as much as possible. Make advance bookings for wherever you can and when you cannot ask around at rest-stops, bus stops and locals. Barring few times, they are mostly helpful. In one of my journeys to Barot Valley in Himachal Pradesh, India, I could have made a booking only till one inter-State bus terminus, after that I had little idea of what I’d do. My destination was still very far. I simply asked the staff at the terminus and spoke to few bus drivers and within minutes was on a bus bound directly for my first transit point. Hitchhiking is another option when you think it’s perfectly safe.


  1. Accommodation

            You must’ve heard that most budget travellers can’t afford luxury accommodations. Well, that is not entirely true. The only thing is you have to make some advance bookings, ‘well-in-advance’ and you can get some really amazing deals at websites. Besides, there are always options to have comfortable economic stays too.


These are few tips that can help in making solo travel budget friendly. The only idea is to do some research before heading to a destination and have a vacation that was wished for. 


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