One Brave Traveler™

“Not just a product, it is about preserving your unforgettable solo adventure travel memories.”

One Brave Traveler™ is a collection by Solo Vacationers dedicated to all the brave souls who have traveled alone and created their own adventure. Every adventure is a story, and our product tells your story.

Shirley founded One Brave Traveler™ to help solo world travelers preserve their priceless memories. It started when Shirley found pictures from her solo trip to Asia on an external drive, untouched for years. She had nearly forgotten about the trip, and only a few people knew about it, so no one ever asked about her adventures.

Shirley decided to create bracelets for herself, engraved with some of the places she had been. Wearing them, she found that people inquired about her travels and even asked for opinions about the places she explored. It brought back fond memories of her solo adventures, breathing life into experiences from years before. Shirley became a travel storyteller every time she wore her bracelets. Deciding to share her experiences with other solo travelers, Shirley started One Brave Traveler™.

Don’t let your solo travel memories fade! One Brave Traveler™ preserves your photos and stories, turning them into fashionable keepsakes that will inspire others and last a lifetime.

Because you are not just a solo traveler – you are One Brave Traveler™

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